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Thailand Pastel Translucent Pocket Inhaler

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•    Stronger coooling effect with 10x more Eucalyptus content.

•    Aromatic, cool, refreshing experience with an easy-to-use design

•    10x eucalyptus content vs. original Pastel inhaler provides a relaxing, cooling effect and enables stronger nasal congestion relief

•    Contains menthol for dizziness relief

•    Blended with Pumelo Peel Oil and Rosemary Oil for stress relief

•    Designed with Cardamom Oil for nourishment and Galanga Oil for blood circulation stimulation

•    Relieve dizziness, nasal congestion, stress, and vertigo with 1 piece of Pastel Translucent Pocket Inhaler (1.5ml, 2”).

•    Pocket-size, non-missing cap with pinning design, which enables your single-handed user experience.

•    Available in a range of attractive translucent colors (black, white, pink, blue, purple, lemon), making it a stylish accessory that you can carry with you wherever you go

•    Made in Thailand 

•    FDA Approved



The Pastel Translucent Pocket Inhaler is an aromatic 2-in-1 nasal inhaler, with stronger cooling and refreshing mint scent. It is a reformulated pastel inhaler with 10x more Eucalyptus and more active cooling ingredients, such as Pomelo Peel Oil & Rosemary Oil, Cardamom Oil, Galanga Oil. Convenience and style in one, Pastel Translucent Pocket Inhaler has a creative yet practical design with its cute translucent and non-missing lid packaging to show off your inner cool.



•    2-in-1 inhaler + essential oil

•    Provides a cool and refreshing sensation 

•    Stronger mint scent with up to 10x more eucalyptus content than before

•    Relieves fatigue, dizziness, and headache

•    Alleviates nasal congestion and coughs

•    Galanga oil, one of its active ingredients, helps stimulate blood circulation



Open Hand Operations

•    Hand the inhaler stick by putting the logo side down.

•    Slide the white wave curve up.

•    Spin to turn the inhaler side up.

•    Slide the inhaler down to lock with the stick.


Access to Essential Oils

•    Hand the inhaler stick by putting the logo side down.

•    Slide the white wave curve up.

•    Twist the top cap and open the essential oil rub container.

•    Apply the essential oil under the nose, or on wrists, neck, or temples for refreshing aromatherapy



•    Use of this inhaler by more than one person may spread infection.

•    If pregnant or breastfeeding, ask a health care professional before use.

•    Keep out of reach of children under 6 years old.

•    Do not use this product if you are allergic to any of its ingredients.

•    Avoid contact with eyes, inside of the nose, and lips as irritation may occur.

•    Keep away from direct sunlight and store at room temperature or 30°C.